Saturday, December 30, 2017

Parent meeting: December 28, 2017

President Michael Wilson chaired the meeting.

1.  The Board met with Police Chief Anders on 12/6/17 to address a few issues:
     A.  Friday, 11/17/17 incident where swimmers saw someone suspicious at Pucillo: CCTV cameras are all over the lobby area, police checked camera footage, and there were multiple events going on that night. Couldn’t see anyone who fit the description that was given.
     B.  What to do to report future issues: Parents and swimmers are permitted to go to the police department to view video footage if they suspect something.  Police department is open 24/7, but would prefer to meet during day or evening. Contacts:  717-871-HELP (4357), department info desk.  911 will dispatch for emergencies.

2.  Dropping off swimmers for practice:  
     A.  It is the responsibility of the parents to walk swimmers in to the pool deck, unless parents are comfortable letting them walk in on their own.  Marauder Aquatic Club's responsibilities begin once the swimmer is in the pool area.
           B.  A parent asked a question about who is responsible after practice if coaches leave before all kids are gone. The Board will discuss this with coaches, as they should not leave until all swimmers have been picked up.  One suggestion is to tell swimmers to wait inside the Pucillo lobby for parents, not outside. Parents must pick up on time.

3.  Locker rooms:  The doors from the bathrooms to the locker rooms should be locked at all times.  Parents should not be in the locker rooms at anytime.  If swimmers need parental supervision to change, please use the bathrooms.

4.  Slippery bleachers. The bleachers are getting painted with non-slip paint.  We strongly suggest that wet swimmers should not be on the bleachers at all due to the potential safety issue for both swimmers and spectators.  If swimmers want to meet up with parents, please do so in the lobby after their events.

5.  ALL safety issues must be immediately reported to Kyle Almoney since he is the club's liaison to the university.

6.  Longsword Meet: We have an urgent need for people to sign up for volunteer positions. Jen Clow, Meet Director, explained that we must have specific jobs filled in order to pass a surprise inspection that could happen at anytime. We also must have volunteer positions filled in order to run a successful meet. Timers and Safety Marshals are of greatest need right now.  Anyone age 10 and over can time.  Any adult can be a Safety Marshal--no training required. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions are most needed.

7.  Volunteer requirement:  At the beginning of the season, the Board decided not to implement the volunteer point system since we were having no issues getting families to volunteer.  However, since volunteering has started to slip, we will be going back to a point system. The Board will discuss at the next board meeting and get information to parents soon.

8.  Booster Club updates (Deb Root):
    A.  An email was sent about lodging for the Cumberland Valley meet on January 12-14 for those who are interested.
    B.  Pizza cards fundraiser money and/or unsold cards are due to Deb Root's mailbox by January 15.  Cash or check is acceptable.  The Boosters are giving options for fundraising so everyone can participate in something.
    C.  Swim-a-thon on March 10 in the AM. Donations can come in by lump sum or by lap. Will be planning fun activities too. More info to come.
    D.  Banquet will be at Millersville University on April 8 (luncheon at 12 noon).  More info to come.
    E.  Weekly Booster emails will be the typical form of communication from the Boosters.

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  1. Responding to the question about coaches leaving before all swimmers are picked up- we have a policy that coaches remain at the pool until all swimmers have been picked up/have a parent with them. Swimmers must wait INSIDE where they are visible to the coaching staff... i.e. not waiting outside where they might go unseen by coaches. Swimmers being picked up on time greatly helps as well (as in at the time the practice ends) Thanks for voicing your questions and concerns!